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With a unique background in Fashion and Fine Arts, One Yard At A Time strives to revitalize existing gardens and create exceptional spaces around your home. Usually, we encourage very modern and original layout.
We are a family-based business that stresses personal services above all.

we also specialize in no-lawn gardens



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creative design

One Yard At A Time provides comprehensive garden design services. We strive to provide design using unusual or atypical plants that still grow in Calgary's zone 3 gardens.

Paying close attention to the artistic principals of line, shape, colour, hue, and the spaces between areas, your garden will take on unique beauty and sculptural qualities that will astound you and enhance your pleasure of the beauty great gardens can offer.

Garden maintenance

Our garden maintenance services range from simply watering your garden while you are away on vacation to comprehensive weekly weeding, and also spring and fall cleanup.

Many landscape construction professionals do not offer any maintenance services after their initial construction and hardscaping is complete. It is also our experience that landscape construction professionals have rather generic annual and perennial knowledge and those fresh gardens still need additional care and atypical plant ideas in order to be outstanding. We can fill this gap in service for you and provide the finishing plant touches and correct plant placement.

This year, we are looking to add five maintenance clients who want to be excited each time they step outside into their exclusive garden space.

on-site consulting

Weed and plant identification, soil improvement techniques, companion planting advice, composting, general garden improvement, and more.

revitalization and makeover

Gardens change over time and require revitalization for many different reason. Poor quality original soil or spent soil from many years of growth may have caused poor growing conditions. Overgrowth of perennials, shrubs, and bushes may have created visual chaos in your yard. Perhaps a previous owner had a poor maintenance history or perhaps it's simply time to update your space to a more modern look.

Whatever the reason, One Yard At A Time can come to your rescue with professional and positive design and labour solutions to fit any budget. we really enjoy these projects and the results will astound you.

planters, urns and seasonal pots

While we enjoy many aspects of our work immensely, our greatest artistic reward comes from our work with planters and seasonal decorative pots.

Through spring and summer your pots will be quite literally living sculptures that transform and grow each day. We have an especially strong talent in this design area and guarantee you will enjoy coming home to see the daily changes.

During late Fall, if you enjoy entertaining and outstanding design, our Fall pots make a strong statement to guests and celebrate the harvest with bold oranges, yellows, reds and browns.

Over the winter season, your urns will be stuffed with evergreen boughs from different evergreen tree varieties and combined with unique artistic and seasonal elements, these beautiful pots often last as long as it stays cold.

spring and fall cleanup

Many people enjoy the gardening experience when the weather is fine but are simply overwhelmed by the time required to prepare their garden for the new spring growth or oncoming winter in the Fall season.

Often it is difficult to know which plants survived after a harsh winter in the spring or which plants need cutting back and which to leave alone in the Fall. Our experienced crew is here to help you with these time consuming tasks and ensure success for the next growth season.

looking forward to working collaboratively with you to create a garden that reflects your individuality. 

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